Ekara, the eyes of your users

Ekara is the easy-to-use, non-intrusive platform of solutions unique to the market of user experience measurement. Fully hybrid, Ekara can monitor any and all existing applications (web, mobile, business, thick-client, Citrix, voice, etc.) to help improve their availability and performance in your environment (intranet and internet). Its unified interface and compatibility with every type of technology make it an indispensable tool for your business and digital teams.  
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The right measures to ensure the best performance and user satisfaction

  • Each user of any digital service, wherever they are and regardless of their usage context, expects the best possible experience: anytime, anywhere, any device.
  • We put ourselves in your users’ place, whether they are customers, coworkers, or partners, to ensure the best use of your digital services in keeping with your organization’s objectives.
  • Ekara is the easy-to-use, non-intrusive platform of solutions unique to the market for user experience measurement.
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All applications

Why Ekara?

A response to your application performance challenges

Application performance management means many things in many lines of work. Are you on the front lines handling systems and operations? Or looking at how to best engage users and promote your company digitally? Trying to make sense of technical data in a business context? Seeking to serve your customers better? We have your needs covered. We’ve been helping IT professionals, digital teams, business people, and technology partners for twenty years.
You work in IT
Do you need to check the health of your applications? Get diagnostic information in real time, 24/7, to speed up incident resolution? Define precise KPIs for your providers and set up to-the-point dashboards?
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Digital is your domain
You want to make sure your website or mobile app works reliably. Improve your conversion rate and SEO with a high-performing, fast website.
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You work in a non-technical field
You want to make sure applications are available and performing well. You need factual data to help with decision-making.
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Looking for a technology partner?
You need to keep an eye on the quality of service your deliver with respect to SLAs. You need a trustworthy third party to impartially analyze the levels of service you deliver.
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They trust us