5 key benefits of Ekara

Ekara is a ONE-OF-A-KIND offer, unique to the application monitoring market. It adapts to your needs with "à la carte" services and flexible models to bring you 5 key benefits.
Hybrid APM
"A la carte"
Flexible models and plans
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Hybrid APM

An all-hybrid solution

Ekara is disruptive technology, a single product that brings together all the features of real-user monitoring and synthetic monitoring, covering all internet and intranet environments. All that in a one product!

Ekara is a powerful tool that can monitor all of your applications:

  • from desktops and laptops, but also from real smartphones (Android and iOS)
  • in ‘all-terrain’ environments – it can monitor any and all existing applications (web, business apps, thick client, Citrix… you name it!)
  • and a single reporting interface integrates metrics from synthetic internet and intranet monitoring (by robots) alongside indicators from real-user monitoring (RUM).
Ekara hybrid monitoring

A user-friendly solution

Ekara is designed to be intuitive for all users, without technical training and without coding. Your IT, digital, or business teams can create, edit, and maintain user journeys independently. They can manage the monitoring service by themselves.

The wizard for creating and modifying user journeys is ultra-simplified and intuitive, and the displays can be fully customized to match the needs of technical and non-technical profiles alike.

Ekara can be rolled out fast anywhere in the world without disrupting your production. Ekara can also be activated on request for any occasional problem that may arise, for example at a branch office or in a certain region.

Ekara's user-friendly interface

An innovative solution

Ekara is built on the very latest of new technologies. Its artificial intelligence detects ‘business’-specific elements, and automatically adjusts user journeys to ensure the highest availability, issue to-the-point alerts only, and minimize the need for human intervention for upkeep.

Ekara is innovative for its compatibility with any and all cloud platforms worldwide. Ekara’s unique design provides for installation of robots in any environment, anywhere, including in multi-cloud infrastructures: Azure, AWS, Google, OVH, Alibaba cloud

The solution integrates the most up-to-date Google reference metrics for web performance, Web Vitals, along with the web and mobile response times ranking factors of its SEO algorithm.

"A la carte"

Associated services

Managed service

Maybe you don’t have the resources, the expertise, or the time to operate an application monitoring solution. We can help with specific assistance: preventive actions, analytical reports on your application’s availability and performance, guidance for improving user experience, and more!

Self service

Would you rather operate and administer Ekara completely independently? Do you have the staff and know-how to handle things on your own? Then Ekara self service is the way to go.

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Flexible models and plans

Ekara, the way you want it

Ekara natively offers the greatest flexibility in the marketplace, in terms of deployment models and payment plans.

SaaS format

You can subscribe to Ekara for a duration of your choice or opt for pay-per-use invoicing on all or part of your solution.

On-Premise format

Would you rather have a dedicated solution on your premises in your own environment? If so, you can purchase Ekara (CapEx) or rent it (OpEx).

Pay-per-use, subscription, CAPEX or OPEX?