ip-label, a specialist in end-user quality of experience

With 20 years’ experience behind us, we provide the smart, intuitive solutions that are essential for analyzing and exploiting your data with a view to continuously delivering the ‘best ever’ experience to your users.
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Our vision

User experience at the heart of your strategy

In a world where digitization is spreading exponentially, users are more demanding than ever about the performance of their applications. At work, at home, on our smartphones, whatever the type of application and usage context, only the quality of experience delivered to users can guarantee their satisfaction and, by extension, enhance their loyalty to the company or to the brand.
To help businesses rise to the challenge, we work with them now and for tomorrow to define and implement their strategy by giving them invaluable insights for optimizing the experience of their users.

* the year 2020 saw a leap forward equivalent to 5 years in the pace of digital transformation.

Our missions

ip-label at your service

ip-label helps enterprises manage and optimize digital experience. We measure the quality of experience delivered to users of all digital services: web, business apps, mobile, telephony, video, voice, and more. Our offer allows you to improve the availability, response times and performance of your critical applications.

We aim:

  • to facilitate everyday operational excellence for businesses
    For many enterprises, faultless control over user-perceived quality is now fundamental to how they create value and, consequently, to the validity of their business model. In keeping with the business specificities of our customers and their operating processes, ip-label implements unique measurement and analysis systems to make sure critical applications deliver fast, smooth service at all times.
  • to imagine the models of tomorrow
    A forerunner in its resolutely user-centric vision and analysis of big data, ip-label is by essence a front-line observer and player in the transformation of IP usage trends. As such, we assist enterprises by helping them to design and stabilize the business models of the future, taking the fullest advantage of the data generated by new digital behaviors.
Our values

Diversity, a value that brings us together

Our team draws strength from its diversity, building on each others’ abilities, in addition to our common culture of performance and innovation. At ip-label every team member plays a part in your digital transformation.

ip-label is a fast-growing international company on a human scale. We have been certified an “innovative company” by the ANVAR [the French National Agency for Research Valuation] in recognition of the significant effort we devote to recruiting and managing human resources. Each year, ip-label carries out an active recruitment drive in all fields.

Environmental responsibility is a fundamental value of our organization, as much in how the company is managed as in how we select our providers and suppliers and choose to invest.

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Our solutions

A suite of smart, intuitive tools: Ekara, the eyes of your users

ip-label provides a suite of smart, intuitive tools to measure and analyze the performance that your digital services deliver to end users. By combining synthetic monitoring with real-user monitoring and load testing, Ekara by ip-label helps enterprises keep their promises – a key ingredient to their success.


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