Real-time alerting 24/7

Information systems are becoming increasingly complex. This translates into an ever greater number of incidents. In addition, any change, upgrade, or move to the cloud also comes with its share of issues. These days, enterprises that don’t monitor the user side waste a lot of time and energy trying to solve the problems that users encounter. Do you need to fix problems faster and more proactively? Do you want to know about real-time, round-the-clock alerting? Then you're on the right page!
Incident resolution
Customized alerts
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Incident resolution

Fast, proactive incident resolution

Maybe internal users or external end users are complaining that an application is slow. Your indicators are all green. And yet the application is down for users. You can get to the bottom of this with a proactive view of the user experience of your applications. Speed up your MTTR by monitoring user journeysmonitoring real users, or both! 

Our hybrid solution, Ekara, gives you real-time insights 24/7 into the state of your user transactions. At a glance, you can see if your application is entirely or partially unavailable, or if response times are degraded. If you are monitoring the applications your workforce uses, for example, you will be able to see location by location the alerts issued upon violation of a target threshold.

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Customized alerts

Configure and customize your alerts 

You can create as many alerts as you wish. When you add a new alert, you define the condition(s) for triggering the alert, the days and times when alerts can be sent, and the designaterecipients of the alert. You can set alerts on the scenarios of your choice Alerts can be issued in three ways: emailed or texted to specified recipients, and displayed directly in Ekara’s real-time console. 

With proactive analysis, you can identify and determine the cause of problems even before users start to notice. You can then prioritize your actions and save time. Users will need to call on your teams less often, so your department gains productivityLess fire-fighting means more time to recenter on IT projects for the future.