Better communication between business and IT

It is often said that IT people and non-technical people don’t speak the same language. To get everyone on board around a common project, you need metrics and targets that speak to all parties involved. Communicate easily with people in your enterprise using Ekara’s dynamic dashboards and customizable reports. It has never been easier to talk about application performance with your business colleagues and management!
Business and IT
Custom reports
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Business and IT

Dashboards and charts for information and communication

IT executives are under pressure to justify the costs of providing IT services. This means quantifying the value of the services their teams provide. Indicators must be as meaningful to technical managers as to their counterparts in business units.

Real-time event tracking

Dashboards provide real-time information about the operation of the digital services overseen by IT – in other words, application performance metrics. Metrics translating the performance of IT teams in response to incidents additionally demonstrate the value of the services provided to business.

Sophisticated interactive charts

Over and above real-time dashboards, Ekara’s full-featured interactive charts present information that is meaningful to business management as well as IT managers. Application performance metrics are aligned with business targets to make sense to everyone involved.



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Custom reports

Let your reports do the talking

Ekara reporting features are designed to provide maximum legibility to communicate what is important to you and the recipients of your reports. Ekara reports are adaptable. You can arrange charts and tables to focus on the issues that need to be communicated. Results from synthetic monitoring and RUM can – of course – be combined in a single report.

“We showed ip-label reports to our management, which is something we weren’t used to doing before. The reports were much appreciated because they are really clear and highlight exactly what we were trying to show,” explains one IT manager at an international phone company.

Ekara’s sophisticated reporting features aggregate data for a selected timeframe and automatically issue reports to selected recipients. The head of IT at an energy company explains that his “teams use these reports in meetings with application owners and power users in other departments to check specific points in question”.

Built with data visualization tools, Ekara reports are customizable. Every report can be tailored to shed light on specific issues. Data is charted according to your needs, covering the period and the type of information that address your specific concerns. One public services website owner says his technical team uses the reports particularly in interactions with maintenance providers. “This way there are no arguments. The reports show them objective data.”

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