Product Info

A new OCR tool for Newtest Robot

To carry out its task of monitoring of business applications in Windows environments, Newtest calls upon two key technologies: image recognition and optical character recognition.

Image recognition

Image recognition searches for graphical patterns on the screen and is recommended for detecting icons and other graphical items. Optical character recognition (OCR) instead seeks to recognize letters or predefined words. These two technologies are complementary, and in their own ways they each can detect a button to click as well as check the result of a calculation, by way of example.
Newtest’s OCR technology has remained unchanged since 2012, and we wanted to move this component forward. In version 8.2, Newtest Robot is enriched with a brand new OCR solution boosted with neural networks.

3 OCR modes available on version 8.2 robots

To allow your scenarios in production to be updated gradually, the new RIAlity OCR functionalities will be available alongside the current OCR engine. In version 8.2, three OCR modes will therefore be available to you:

  • the historic mode to ensure ascending compatibility of scripts 
  • a new RIAlity OCR mode which functions on a robot without an internet connection
  •  a new Google Cloud Vision mode which implies that the robot connects to Google services on the internet

The ‘historic’ mode will continue to be supported in version 8.2 for at least 12 months after the official release date.

RIAlity, the new recommended engine

Running RIAlity locally yields a success rate comparable to that of the historic mode while being much more intuitive. It is therefore the new recommended default mode for your new Newtest OCR scripts. If your robot has an internet access and you have a Google Cloud Platform account, Google Cloud Vision is without doubt the mode the offers the best performance. It can therefore be used to handle the most challenging cases.

‘Live’ view in NTBR

The new OCR wizard in NTBR also offers a feature requested by our customers: when creating or editing a script, you can now view the image in real time as it is seen by the robot. In this way, you can see ‘live’, while scripting, what the best OCR settings are for your applications.

Over 100 languages available

The OCR engine can process more than 100 languages, including but not limited to those based on Latin, Cyrillic, and Arabic scripts as well as ideographic languages. With all these new languages, Newtest Robot will continue to be validated and delivered with two languages, French and English only. For the other languages, ip-label will provide support as the need arises, as part of our ongoing quest to best serve our customers.
As always, we would be happy to hear your ideas for improving our solutions and providing you with efficient, easy-to-use products.