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Michel Fleury
Product Info

Ekara Studio: user journeys are finally easy to understand!

Application monitoring with robots entails setting up reference user journeys. These journeys or paths describe simply, step by step, the series of actions to perform on the application. Among the classic examples of user journeys are ordering items on an e-retail site or, in the corporate world, checking a supplier’s invoice on an accounting application. Robots run these user journeys 24/7 to test the application that is being monitored.

Ekara Studio makes user paths comprehensible at last

To make monitoring efficient, user journeys have to be very precise in their description of the need. They must also specify what to do if an error occurs and list any application settings like logs and passwords. It’s easy to see why the process of creating user paths, in a workspace that is often called a ‘studio’, is a such a crucial part of monitoring with robots.

With Ekara Studio, setting up user journeys is finally simple and intuitive. Resorting to more or less complex computer languages to define them is a thing of the past! And goodbye to flow charts that make user paths look like ISO processes!

100% graphical journeys

Ekara Studio lets you create and edit your user journeys in a fully graphical way. Every function corresponds to a graphical block. Users simply drag and drop the blocks they need in the workspace to create a user journey that is precise, robust, and reliable.

100% coding-free journeys

Tech-savvy people say that to make a robust web transaction or user journey, you have to code the elements of the web page. This is no longer true! With Ekara Studio, you don’t need any skills in web coding.
Ekara Studio has your best interests at heart. This is why it gives you an entirely coding-free wizard! You can manipulate page objects like an expert, without writing a single line of code. It’s simple to create user journeys that are stable and entirely independent of the graphics rendering of the web page.

A language that anyone can understand

The blocks in Ekara Studio are simple instructions that are understandable by all, like ‘ browse’ or ‘click’. You have only to read it to understand!

Smart blocks!

Did you know that a user types an average of 40 words per minute, and a professional about 80? The Ekara robot knows! It enters passwords at a speed of 80 wpm. In other words, it simulates not just what a real user would type, but also how fast a real user would type it. It’s one of the good practices included in Ekara’s blocks.

An all-in-one studio for web, mobile, and desktop

And last but not least, Ekara Studio lets you create user journeys for any type of application. You can create web journeys right now and, very soon, the studio will let you create user paths on desktop applications (thick client, Citrix, legacy, etc.) and mobile applications.

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