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Monitoring digital services and applications during the Covid-19 outbreak

As everyone knows, remote use of digital tools has risen sharply due to current measures to curb the spread of Covid-19. While facilitating access to application services has always been one point of having resources online, the current situation disrupts usage patterns. ip-label can help you to keep your digital services running smoothly.

Staying connected while keeping your distance

Whether as users or providers of applications, websites, business tools and telephony, video platforms, and other digital necessities, we have all recently experienced greater-than-usual need for remote access. Containment measures mean we are now doing online many things that we more often used to do in person: work, of course, but also classes, shopping, consulting a doctor, banking and other activities of normal life.

All of these digital resources are vital for keeping society afloat. They are more than ever an essential part of everyday life. This is why ISPs, e-retailers, schools, phone companies, corporate IS and IT, logistics and delivery companies, and many others are under pressure to keep their online services up and running at all times.

Reaching out to help: free monitoring for business continuity

ip-label has the tools and experience to monitor the performance and availability of these applications and services. During Covid-19 containment, ip-label is committed to providing FREE assistance to companies and organizations by helping them check end-user experience of their online applications and services.

Existing customers: Our account managers and pre-sales engineers have been busy reaching out to existing customers to find out how ip-label can help during the present context of heightened demand for remote usage of critical applications.

First-time contact: Some organizations have recently become aware of the need to check the availability and performance of their online tools for remote users. For those which are coming to ip-label for the first time, filling in some basic contact information sets the ball rolling.

End-user monitoring: how does the free offer work?

Once contact has been made, the teams at ip-label work together with designated staff in your organization to implement monitoring from the user side. ip-label allocates synthetic monitoring tools (Datametrie or Newtest) and personnel for a basic-level solution. This free monitoring offer is available throughout the current coronavirus crisis until further notice.

The tools can be set up remotely to measure the availability and performance of a simple user journey at regular intervals. End-user monitoring provides near real-time metrics and KPIs for extended periods. If unavailability or degraded performance is detected, your designated staff members are alerted to the problem and supplied with diagnostic information.

The offer in action: testing VPN access and architecture changes

To illustrate how it works, we asked one of our account managers to tell us about a real case.
He calls customers to find out how they are faring with SARS-COV-2 containment measures and to make sure everything is running well. When he called one of our customers, a test center which conducts examinations for the national education system and uses Datametrie for its web monitoring, he found out that the exam center’s workforce of 80 people is working from home via VPN… and that there had been issues with the connection.

Together, the test center and the ip-label account manager qualified the new needs. Are the VPN and servers available when users need them? Are they able to log on and connect smoothly, without long delays? What about after changes to the architecture?

Next, to define the monitoring scenarios, an ip-label pre-sales engineer got in touch with the technical contact on the customer’s side. In a matter of days, free monitoring had been set up to check access to the customer’s VPN as well as access to two of its servers, using a Newtest as a Service (NaaS) robot operated on the internet by ip-label.

Monitoring keeps track of any variations in the availability and performance of access to the VPN. The VPN problem was resolved, and a month later the NaaS robot continues to show 100% availability with response times that may vary and help to explain user complaints about slowness at certain times of day. Since the customer is making adjustments to its architecture, ip-label will keep monitoring the servers to provide availability and performance metrics ‘before/after’ the changes made at this crucial time of Covid-19.

Whether your organization is new to ip-label or is already a customer of ours, we can help you to maintain or even improve end-user quality of experience on your digital tools and services throughout the current coronavirus outbreak. We are here to support your business continuity efforts.