Datametrie Flow

Measure the quality of experience of 100% of your users! Datametrie Flow is a new product line that combines the most sophisticated technological developments with adaptable, flexible business models. The product line is divided into 4 offers.
Datametrie Flow product line
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Datametrie Flow product line

Datametrie Flow

Guarantee smooth operation of all of your services

Datametrie Flow measures the quality perceived by all users of digital services. It relies on robots which measure the availability and performance of your applications in controlled measurement environments (active monitoring) in addition to measurements generated by your actual users (real-user monitoring).

This solution tracks the availability and performance that is perceived by each user, in any usage context.


A SaaS solution: efficiency and flexibility

Datametrie Flow (SaaS) is a monitoring solution that requires little investment in terms of equipment, manpower, or financial outlay:

  • an online extranet: real-time monitoring, analysis of results, and configuration of measurements
  • alerts: detect incidents or performance deteriorations proactively or reactively
  • offline reports: consolidate and communicate with standard or custom dashboards, or raw data that can be processed by third-party tools via web services
  • Diag Center: our experts help you set up tests and analyze measurements
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