Ekara 360°

You need to deal with incidents more proactively ? Business functions want KPIs and reports on application performance ? You want to speed up resolution of incidents that are affecting users ? Ekara 360° helps you deal with these issues.
Pilote your IT
Business case
The benefits
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Pilote your IT

Pilot your IT with a user experience focus

  • Steer enterprise performance with an eye on user experience
  • Gain holistic cross-domain visibility into digital experience (business/IT/network)
  • Define and correlate the performance indicators of all of your digital services
  • Measure the impact of user experience on business (productivity, revenue, brand image, etc.)
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Business case

A public-sector enterprise

The context:

A major player in the public sector called on ip-label to deploy application monitoring driven by user experience. The enterprise was already monitoring by technical ‘silo’ (database, network, etc.) without a unified converged view. IT management wanted to adopt a more proactive attitude to incident management.

The situation:

Business functions were complaining about applications; meanwhile IT had no insights into how applications were performing for users. Because monitoring was mostly technical and segmented, incidents could not be prioritized efficiently.

Our assistance:

ip-label rolled out a solution to monitor digital services from the end-user point of view, with Ekara prioritizing the impact on users in its calculation of how critical each incident is. Reports tracing application health were set up and presented to the management committee.

The benefits:

A comprehensive view of application health, improved prioritization, and a proactive approach to managing incidents. Changes in IT management culture: all IT decisions now take end users into consideration.

The benefits

The benefits of Ekara 360°

  • Reframe enterprise management on user experience
  • Transition from a technical monitoring approach to a business-oriented one
  • Promote the work of IT teams throughout the business organization
  • Communicate transparently about the user experience on your digital services
  • Quantify the returns generated by improved quality of experience
Download the Ekara 360° fact sheet