Ekara, your one-stop platform

Ekara by ip-label is the latest all-in-one platform of disruptive, non-intrusive solutions to emerge on the rapidly expanding Digital Experience Management (DEM) market.
Ekara's technical base
Ekara Studio
Ekara Platform
Ekara Portal
Ekara Connect
Ekara Grid
4 product offers
Ekara's technical base

The structure of our Ekara solution

Ekara is real disruptive technology that is able to identify and diagnose malfunctions in customers’ digital services on internet platforms or intranet applications (web, mobile, business, thick client, Citrix, voice, etc.) on any type of device (desktop, mobile). Ekara caters for all environments, including cloud (Azure, AWS, Google, OVHcloud, Alibaba Cloud, etc.).

Ekara Studio

Ekara Studio, an intuitive studio for creating user journeys

With Ekara Studio, creating user journeys is finally straightforward and intuitive. User journeys are step-by-step descriptions of a series of actions to perform on an application or website. Replayed by robots around the clock, all week long, these user journeys are the basis of application or website monitoring.
Ekara Studio provides an entirely no-code wizard for creating these journeys. You can manipulate page objects like an expert without writing a single line of code. In no time, you can create user journeys that are stable and totally independent of the rendering of web page graphics.

Within the grasp of any user, Ekara Studio is an all-in-one tool for creating user paths on all types of application (thick client, Citrix, legacy, mobile, web, and API). In a matter of minutes, you can create your own journeys and replay them in real time.
Ekara Studio combines three types of navigation controls (DOM, image, and OCR) so that you can handle even the most complex cases, including Single Page Apps.
Ekara improves the productivity of your teams by simplifying the operational upkeep of your user journeys.

Download the Ekara Studio fact sheet
Ekara Platform

Ekara Platform, a single platform for access to all Ekara services

It comprises 3 components:

  • Ekara Portal, the web portal that provides all you need for advanced diagnostics and publishing quality reports
  • Ekara Connect, a set of web services methods to integrate Ekara into your information systems
  • Ekara Grid, the leading European and global DEM network
Download the Ekara Platform fact sheet
Ekara Portal

Ekara Portal, for advanced data-driven diagnostics

In a single, unified interface, Ekara provides internet and intranet synthetic (robot) measurements alongside metrics from real-user monitoring (RUM).
Whether your aim is to generate a monthly quality report, diagnose an incident, or monitor the progression of a deployment to production, Ekara Portal provides you with all the information you need.

Ekara Connect

Ekara Connect, to plug Ekara into your information system

Ekara Connect is a set of REST methods for automating tasks like:

  • issuing scheduled reports
  • connecting to your network monitoring
  • opening support tickets
  • exporting measures to a third-party system
  • ad hoc execution of your scenarios (regression tests)

With Ekara Connect, you can integrate Ekara into your business processes with minimal effort.

Ekara Grid

Ekara Grid, the leading European and global DEM network

Ekara Grid gives you the advantages of a unique analysis network:

  • a mesh of 200 locations covering 6 continents
  • positioned on 4 major global public cloud providers (AWS, Azure, Google, and Alibaba Cloud)
  • with the vantage point of the premium European telecom providers (Orange, SFR, BT, Telefonica, Proximus, Telenet, Telia, CNC, and others)
4 product offers

4 product offers

Ekara Web, the perfect combination of RUM and Robot monitoring
Ekara Mobile, Capture the actual experience of your mobile users
Ekara Business Apps, the solution for measuring the user experience of all your business applications
Ekara API, automate your API testing for flawless quality of service