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Are you trying to get the risks associated with critical projects under control (Move2Cloud, replatforming, etc.)? Do you need to measure and analyze the benefits vs costs of technological options? Are you seeking to implement a continuous quality improvement process? Ekara Advisory helps you deal with these issues.
Driving by user experience
Business case
The benefits
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Driving by user experience

Ensure the success and profitability of your IT projects by focusing on user experience

  • Make your migration operations a success.
  • Let insights from user-perceived digital experience guide and inform your choices.
  • Validation of technological choices.
  • Cost optimization (TCO, ROI).
  • Diagnosing your IT dysfunctions – Troubleshooting.


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Business case

Luxury industry

The context:

A world leader in the luxury industry took the opportunity of an overhaul of its website to task its IT division with strengthening the group’s global presence, particularly in Asia.

The situation:

To offer its online visitors a better experience, the luxury group was looking into proposals from a number of CDN providers. A content delivery network is a cluster of edge servers in geographical proximity to users. This kind of network serves to bring content closer to users. Apart from the price, the group wanted to know how effective the CDNs were across the globe, especially in Asia.

Our assistance:

Analysis of priority areas.

Implementation of a metrology solution on the internet and in strategic areas.

Definition of representative user scenarios.

Implementation of a measurement campaign without CDNs, and then with CDN and CDN.

Analysis of the effectiveness of each CDN in the various geographical areas.

The benefits:

An impartial view of the effectiveness of CDNs as perceived by end users, to see what lies behind the provider’s promises. The ability to challenge providers in negotiations with data-driven proof of the actual performance and digital experience delivered to users.

The benefits

The benefits of Ekara Advisory

  • Get an accurate view of performance (end-user perspective) for each technological choice (benchmark)
  • Check the efficacy of your IT projects
  • Rely on a neutral third party to represent the user’s point of view
  • Assess the return on investment of each solution
  • Challenge your providers on the basis of objective measures
  • Observe changes in performance and quality of experience with a real-time monitoring tool
  • Check up on user experience throughout your migrations, from start to finish
Download the Ekara Advisory fact sheet