Ekara API

In a world that is largely interconnected, the quality of your digital services depends more and more on the quality delivered by your technical interfaces, those ubiquitous APIs. Are you seeking to automate your API tests to boost efficiency? Are you looking for a solution compatible with the testing tools developers use? Do you want to correlate API test results with outcomes from end-to-end use testing? Ekara API is the solution that helps you dela with these issues.
Business API monitoring
Application performance monitoring
The strengths
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Business API monitoring

Automation of your business API monitoring

Our robots perform continuous testing of your business APIs so that you can build and enforce service level agreements (XLAs/SLAs) with your providers. Ekara API on the basis of replays of Postman collections.
Because Postman is the leader in DevOps API testing, its use in Ekara API means minimal effort is required to speedily automate your technical testing. You immediately benefit from heightened efficiency on the part of your DevOps teams.

Application performance monitoring

Correlation with application performance monitoring

Ekara can also measure the experience perceived by your users from end to end at the application level, with the solutions Ekara Web and Ekara Business Apps.
This user-side information naturally enriches the quality of service unit testing performed by Ekara API. You thus benefit from comprehensive insights into the quality of your digital services by combining the service view with the UX view.

The strengths

The strengths of Ekara API

  • Postman tests replayed natively
  • Direct correlation with end-to-end user measures
  • Integrity check on response content
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The benefits

The benefits of Ekara API

  • Effortless automation of your manual testing
  • Real-time tracking of the quality of service delivered by your APIs
  • Measurement of your APIs’ availability as well as their performance
  • A non-intrusive solution able to measure even outsourced APIs
  • Compatibility with the Postman collections created by your devs