Ekara Benchmark

46% of visitors who don’t get an adequate response from a website switch to a competitor’s site, and 33% of them will not come back. - Source : Jupiter Research
Market positioning
Business case:
The benefits
Market positioning

Position your digital maturity with respect to your competitors

  • Do you have doubts about your digital positioning with respect to your competitors?
  • Are you losing market share in the digital channel?
  • Is your SEO unsatisfactory?
  • Have you noticed high latency in certain geographical areas?

Situate the performance of your websites against a competitor baseline in every environment (desktop, mobile, and tablet) with Ekara Benchmark

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Business case:

A media group

The context:

The Marketing division of a major media group wanted to know about the quality of experience that the group’s publications delivered to users. Mobile usage was becoming predominant among audiences. Which metrics should be monitored in this fast-evolving context?

The situation:

Uncertainty about the how the websites were performing with respect to the world leaders in the industry.

Our assistance:

Presentation and selection of relevant KPIs, including Google Core Web Vitals (LCP, FID and CLS).

The group’s publications were benchmarked against those of global leaders. Both mobile and desktop were taken into consideration. Expert analysis of the results of the benchmark led to recommendations for each publication under study.

The benefits:

Factual data about the position of the media group’s publications. Quick win actions to improve performance without a full website overhaul. Proposals for a more general renovation of the website in the medium-term.

The benefits

The benefits of Ekara Benchmark

  • See where you stand in comparison to competitors, based on factual elements
  • Challenge your teams to become “best in class”
  • Determine areas for improvement and optimization
  • Identify successful projects and replicate them throughout your organization
  • Track trends and raise awareness about the importance of web performance
Download the Ekara Benchmark fact sheet