Ekara Business Apps

Are you getting different stories from your coworkers’ feedback? Are you seeking to measure the experience perceived by different user profiles? Do you want to be alerted when your critical transactions aren’t working? Do you lack the information you need to optimize the performance of your business software? Are you dissatisfied with the quality targets supplied by your providers? Ekara Business Apps helps you deal with these issues.
The technology
Hybrid network
The strengths
The benefits
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The technology

Ekara Business Apps technology

Ekara Business Apps means:

  • any and all Windows applications can be controlled (DMS, invoicing, ERP, and any other business software)
  • cloud, intranet, and data center environments are covered
  • deployment in any type of infrastructure: Windows, VDI, and DaaS
  • compatibility with your security policies
  • transparent integration with your authentication tools in line with your operations philosophy
Hybrid network

Ekara Business Apps hybrid network

From representative points across your organization, each Ekara Business Apps robot regularly simulates transactions on your business software. This synthetic monitoring lets you know at all times the availability, response times, and performance of your critical application services (back office, Citrix, voice, and more). This way, identifying malfunctions is fast and straightforward.
Notifications can be issued immediately so that fixes can be made before end users are affected. Installation on your intranet is extremely simple.
Robots can be deployed to all of the critical locations of your organization. The solution can be extended to staff working remotely. In addition, you
can combine it with our global internet network.

The strengths

The strengths of Ekara Business Apps

  • A hybrid internet/ intranet offer
  • Measures all applications on the market
  • A no-code solution
  • Transparent integration into your information systems (SSO, APIs, etc.)
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The benefits

The benefits of Ekara Business Apps

  • Monitor your critical transactions proactively (24/7)
  • Save time on incident detection and resolution
  • Objectively measure response times and availability
  • Facilitate drafting and negotiation of service level agreements (SLAs* / XLAs**)
  • Multi-technology (web and Windows)
  • Installation in under 15 min. / effortless deployment
  • The natural extension of your DevOps practices

* Service Level Agreement

** Experience Level Agreement