Ekara Load Test

Are you aiming to prevent loss of income due to poorly performing apps? Do you want to make sure your critical applications run smoothly and don’t crash when traffic peaks? Do you need to identify your platform’s weaknesses and determine its maximum capacity at a given infrastructure budget? Ekara Load Test helps you deal with these issues.
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Validate your applications under load

  • You’re launching a sales and marketing operation which will intensify traffic on your website (promotional offers, special sales, etc.).
  • You plan to change the architecture of your website or application.
  • You anticipate significant growth of your internet audience.

Discover Ekara Load Test, the load test offer presented by Frédéric Lemoine, Consultant and Head of the Load Test Business Unit at ip-label, in the video opposite.

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Business Case

A fashion retailer

The context: 

A major fashion retail group was changing the architecture of its websites. The aim was to increase website capacity to handle twice as many unique visitors.

Origin of the problem:

During the test, we detected that the customer had set up autoscaling, but it was not functioning correctly. Each time it took over 5 minutes to open a VM, and this resulted in degraded performance. Closing VMs took even longer, leading to financial losses.

Our assistance:

ip-label conducted a first load test on the website. The targets were not met and, more significantly, errors quickly appeared. The group now had factual elements to enable them to fix the incidents.

The benefits:

The customer worked with its service provider to fix the problem. ip-label conducted a load test which enabled the customer to attain its objectives. The load testing process and its impactful outcomes were presented to the customer’s management committee.

The Benefits

The benefits of Ekara Load Test

  • Representative of the user’s experience (load injected from the internet / from the enterprise’s locations)
  • Real-time analysis and discussion throughout the test with the teams involved
  • A final report including recommendations for defining an action plan
  • All the expertise of ip-label’s specialized team (over 100 load tests performed each year)
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