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Do you have lots of repetitive tasks that are performed manually? Is user experience management missing from your general DevOps approach? Is your user experience management not agile enough? Do you run test plans manually? Ekara Ops helps you deal with these issues.
Digital Transformation
Business case
The benefits
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Digital Transformation

Ensure the success of your digital transformation

Integrate the user-side perspective into your DevOps and automate your repetitive tasks with the different deliverables provided:

  • Test automation
  • DevOps, Agility, Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment
  • Better handling of tasks


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Business case

Insurance Sector

The context:

A large insurance company had a morning check run manually each day before the offices opened to make sure that its applications were up and running. These low value-added tasks mobilized staff who could be reassigned to projects with greater value-added. The insurer called on ip-label to automate its morning checks.

The situation:

The cost in human resources was too high for such meaningless repetitive tasks. Human error in some cases could result in errors of interpretation (the opening of a call center had to be delayed for an hour).

Our assistance:

  • Analysis of test plans and the conditions for carrying them out.
  • Development/scripting of the test plans.
  • Deployment of a solution for automating the actions.
  • Setup of real-time test monitoring.
  • Daily real-time issuing of alarms in the event of malfunctions, and automated sending of a follow-up report each day.


  • The implemented solution saves time every day.
  • Improved efficiency, greater proactiveness (morning checks could run earlier).
  • Alerts and escalations in real time in the event of errors.
  • Integration into DevOps practices.
The benefits

The benefits of Ekera Ops

  • Integrate user experience into your DevOps processes
  • Automate all manual actions
  • Strengthen user experience measurement procedures for critical applications
  • Free up your technological resources and channel them toward your priority projects
Download the Ekara Ops fact sheet