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"67% of online shoppers say long waits on a website are their main reason for abandoning their shopping cart" - Source : Brand Perfect
Improve the user experience
Business case
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Improve the user experience

Improve the user experience of your websites

  • Do you want to know how you are positioned with Google (via Google Web Vitals) in order to improve your ranking?
  • Do you need to make sure your site’s pages are optimized for every type of device (desktop, mobile, tablet)?
  • Are you seeking to identify improvement points for your site on the frontend, regardless of your location/connectivity?
  • Are you trying to determine which page elements may slow down page display?

Optimize your website for a more satisfying user experience. Identify web performance quick wins to improve quality without changing your website’s architecture.

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Business case


The context:

An e-commerce business, in the wake of a benchmark, called on ip-label to improve its user experience. The scope of the project was to include desktop, but most importantly mobile devices (Android & iOS), which now account for the essential part of their audience.

The situation:

The customer was seeking to reposition based on website performance, especially on mobile devices. They wanted to implement best practices in web performance and know about the tricks of the trade and the technologies deployed by world leaders in the sector.

Our assistance:

Analysis was conducted on the URLs selected by the customer. It investigated:

  • errors recorded during downloading
  • Google Core Web Vitals metrics
  • differences in user experience between mobile and desktop devices


Identification of areas for improvement :

  • Quick wins, likecache-control directives, fixed-size images, object minification
  • More complex changes, such as HTTP2, indirect downloading of objects

Audits also differentiated between mobile and destop devices.

The benefits

The benefits of Ekara Web Performance

  • Strengthen your digital image
  • Improve application rendering performance
  • Increase your conversion rate and revenue
  • Get help with best practices in frontend optimization and gain a solid FEO methodology
  • Discover ways to improve without changing your infrastructure
  • Boost your Google Web Vitals scores and page ranking
Download the Ekara Web Performance fact sheet