Ekara Web

Are you getting different stories from user feedback? Do you want to be alerted when your online services are down? Do you lack the information you need to optimize the performance of your websites? Are you dissatisfied with the quality targets supplied by your providers? Is your digital team asking you to boost your website’s SEO by tuning web performance (TTI, Google Core Web Vitals, etc.)? Ekara Web helps you deal with these issues.
Synthetic monitoring
Real-user monitoring
The strengths
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Synthetic monitoring

Synthetic monitoring to anticipate service degradations

Robots run actual user journeys on your applications with a view to building and tracking service level agreements (XLAs/SLAs) between business management and IT management, in addition to agreements with their providers.
These user journeys run on desktop and mobile devices, using actual iPhones and Samsungs. Ekara Web combines 3 control methods (DOM, image and OCR) to handle even the most complex cases, including Single Page Apps.

Ekara hybrid monitoring
Real-user monitoring

Real-user monitoring to capture the real experience of your users

RUM technology gives you an incomparable vantage point at the heart of your web users’ browsers. It returns the real-life experience delivered to all users of your digital services, on each and every one of their visits.
Ekara RUM analyzes performance for you according to the actual usage context (type of device used, version of iOS and Android, connection quality, etc.).

The strengths

The strengths of Ekara Web

  • Measures all user activity
  • Records all performance indicators
  • Multi-technology controls (DOM, image, OCR)
  • Compatible with Single Page Apps
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The benefits

The benefits of Ekara Web

  • A real-time view of the experience of your web users around the world
  • Objective, undisputable measurements shared by business and IT
  • Precise identification of the root causes of application incidents
  • A non-intrusive solution able to measure even outsourced systems
  • A hybrid solution (RUM and Robot)
  • The most recent innovations (Google Web Vitals, latest browsers, artificial intelligence, and more)