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"Today fewer than 2% of KPIs focus on experience We need to change this by developing our understanding, monitoring, and management of experience indicators" - Source: XLA Collab
Pilot enterprise performance
Business case
The benefits
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Pilot enterprise performance

Pilot enterprise performance with user quality of experience (SLAs => XLAs)

  • Your SLAs measure information systems without reflecting the viewpoint of your users (customers/coworkers/partners)
  • Users complain even though your IT monitoring indicators are all green
  • You need clear, straightforward metrics to communicate with business functions about IT
  • You want indicators for comparison across the range of your applications (legacy, SaaS, cloud, etc.)
  • Your quality indicators are still not segmented by persona (VIP, ‘gold’ customer) and their locations around the world
  • You lack business-oriented metrics

Make the move from SLA to XLA and measure the performance that your information systems deliver to your users with Ekara XLAs.

Download the Ekara XLAs fact sheet
Business case

Industrial sector

The context:

The technical division of a large industrial group is responsible for a wide range of applications at a sizable number of sites (legacy applications and SaaS cloud apps). Users frequently experience slowness, and the issue is taken up by the Management.

The situation:

The teams have little visibility into how the applications are doing. There is friction among the internal parties involved (particularly between network & application teams).

Our assistance:

  • Deployment of a measurement solution on the internet at the industrial group’s different sites.
  • Creation of scenarios from typical user journeys on the applications.
  • Setup of a service monitoring cockpit.
  • Analysis and recommendations to the customer’s teams: some sites were undersized in terms of bandwidth (network issues) and patches were applied to two applications.
  • Presentation to the group’s management committee and validation of an action plan.

The benefits:

  • Deep visibility and insights into the user experience.
  • Better cross-functional communication.
  • Implementation of a quality improvement plan.
The benefits

The benefits of Ekara XLAs

  • Align end-user experience measurement with business targets
  • Boost brand image
  • Attenuate the impact of IT incidents on enterprise revenue and productivity
  • Facilitate communication between business functions & IT
  • Reorient IT from technical KPIs (CPU, RAM, etc.) toward user satisfaction/user experience
  • Steer contractual relationships (SLAs / XLAs1)
  • Rely on the expertise of a reputable third-party
Download the Ekara XLAs fact sheet