Ensuring quality of experience in every user context

Assessing quality of experience is a challenge because of the wide range of devices and situations (at the desk or on the go, cable connection or mobile data, OS and browsers and versions thereof, etc.). Whatever the application, users expect it to work seamlessly across platforms according to their usage patterns.
Exhaustive view
Actionable insights
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Exhaustive view

An eagle-eye view of application usage and user experience

Your budget is not unlimited, nor is your time. Without spending weeks on each question, you need a cross-platform view of which user contexts are in greatest need of better application performance.

Is slow service affecting all users or just the ones at a specific location? Does a certain feature work efficiently on every platform? Should you invest to boost mobile usage or to improve slow desktop apps? Ekara real-user monitoring can help with questions like these.

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Actionable insights

Actionable insights for efficient digital services

The real-user view can be especially important to communication and the relationship between IT and non-technical teams. Business units, for example, need to see an application is used and how it behaves, whether the user is a customer or part of the enterprise’s workforce.

“Today we have a complete view of response times and usages by implementing real-user monitoring on our sales application’s main pages. We can finally exploit very exact information,” says one IT architect in the automotive industry.

With these insights, the company targeted areas for improvement and invested in enhancing the productivity of sales teams who use the application.