Flexible, scalable plans and models

Have you ever wanted to purchase a product or a service in line with your own organisation instead of being forced into a box by your provider? With Ekara, now you have the freedom to choose your own deployment models and payment plans.
Subscription or Pay-Per-Use
Capex or Opex
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Subscription or Pay-Per-Use

SaaS model

Is SaaS your style? You can subscribe to Ekara for the duration of your choice:

  • with a 12, 24, or 36 month plan for all or only some of your user journeys.
  • or pay only for as much as you use, with a pay-per-use facility for very short periods down to a single day.

A smart alerting system makes sure you don’t forget to switch off what you’re not using.

Capex or Opex

On-Premise model

Would you rather have a dedicated solution on your premises in your own environment? If so, you can purchase Ekara (CapEx) or rent it (OpEx). All business models are possible. And once again, you can switch, mix, or scale them as you go!

Trust Ekara to guarantee the best management of your application monitoring budget, simply, transparently, and flexibly.