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Alibaba Cloud Webinar March 2022: Improving user experiences with DEM tools

Alibaba Cloud is launching a new series of webinars to help multinationals, SMEs, and startups to better adopt cloud technology to scale up and stay ahead.

A new series of Alibaba Cloud webinars: the Cloud Tech Talks

This series will present some of Alibaba Cloud’s flagship solutions as well as ideas from the internet pioneers in the Alibaba ecosystem, including ip-label, who will recount ways and means of success.
These webinars will be transmitted live from the event page and, in parallel, on Alibaba Cloud’s Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Improving the user experience using DEM

For organizations with their sights set on international, and whose commercial operations are highly dependent on the internet, web performance is essential to their brand image, their go-to-market effectiveness, customer acquisition, and user satisfaction.
Christophe Depeux, ip-label’s Managing Director, will take the stage for episode 9 of the Cloud Tech Talk Series on Wednesday, March 16th, at 10 to 10:20 am. He will talk about how user-centric DEM (Digital Experience Management) products and services running on Alibaba Cloud resources help these organizations to improve the availability and response times of their applications and contribute to growing their audience, their revenues, and their productivity.



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