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BeCommerce, our new Belgian partner

ip-label has now teamed up with BeCommerce, a Belgian non-profit organization which certifies the compliance of web shops with Belgian and European legal obligations. Its aim is to defend the rights of consumers.

BeCommerce’s mission: “Strengthening consumer trust in digital commerce”

BeCommerce is a Belgian non-profit organization which brings together and represents businesses active in the Belgian e-commerce sector. With its trustmark certifying compliance with its code of conduct and security, the BeCommerce label identifies websites that are safe and which consumers have deemed trustworthy.

To know more about BeCommerce

A monthly performance observatory: the BeCommerce Benchmark Powered by ip-label

ip-label will provide a monthly benchmark that will be made available to members of the BeCommerce community. The benchmark will measure the end-user experience of the performance and availability of 25 BeCommerce-approved websites.

To produce these website rankings, ip-label will simulate visitor activity around the clock on services of the selected websites. These visits or ‘scenarios’ will be used to measure the availability and performance of access to the home page of the website and calculate a score.
Our systems will test the selected websites at a frequency of every 15 minutes, 24/7, from 3 measurement points in Belgium, using the same kind of scenario for each web site.

These metrics will be the outcome:

  • Availability (%): based on the absolute availability of the site over the period.
  • Performance of home page loading: the time it takes to fully load the site’s home page.
  • Google Core Web Vitals: LCP, FID, CLS.

Teaming up in forthcoming events

As a BeCommerce partner, ip-label will have the opportunity to participate in future events organized by BeCommerce and lead one or more webinars during the year. Information about these events is coming soon.