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Web performance

Check up on your site’s performance

ip-label offers a set of tools that you can use to measure and analyze the performance of your web pages and applications: https://tools.ip-label.io

What can you analyze with Tools?

You will find:

  • Lighthouse: Google’s reference tool which can calculate, for instance, your Core Web Vitals
  • SpeedIndex: fast calculation of your speed index
  • Wappalyzer: to identify the technologies visible on your site
  • HTTPS Check: to check the security level of your web server (configuration & certificate)
Test my site

Google Lighthouse

Google has gradually been taking over the subject of user experience measurement: after creating Lighthouse to replace especially Page Insights, it is imposing its Core Web Vitals reference metrics which, in 2021, will become SEO ranking factors.

The metrics supplied by Lighthouse correspond to the ‘lab’ view provided by Page Speed Insights (https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/).

They are calculated from this site or directly in Chrome’s DevTools:

Why use Lighthouse from ip-label when Google already offers it?

Because all of these indicators depend on the context: how powerful a user’s PC is, where they are located, network connectivity, etc. Optimization starts with measurement, so measurements have to be reliable.

  • We offer testing from a number of geographical locations: Paris, Stockholm, Singapore, and Virginia (US). You therefore get a more realistic view of what your users are experiencing.
  • Network throttling: Lighthouse throttles network bandwidth for mobile testing. We have chosen to disable this limitation, considering that mobile connectivity nowadays is at a level similar to or greater than fixed-line connections.
  • Reference: we use strictly the same hardware configuration at all our measurement points, and we have validated their stability in terms of computing power and network. This guarantees that the scores you obtain from one test to the next can be compared.

How to find out even more…

The Core Web Vitals are metrics that are very dependent on a number of things, so you need to follow how they change over time, especially at times of heavy traffic. We guarantee a stable measurement reference: any variations that may be observed come from your infrastructures or the state of the network between your users and you.

With Ekara we enable you to monitor these measurements 24 hours a day to detect and analyze variations. Monitoring your home page is obviously necessary, but what experience to your other pages offer, particularly the ones that require users to connect?

Ekara lets you create your user journeys so that you can monitor Core Web Vitals at every step, especially the most critical ones. You can also compare these ‘lab’ results (60 locations and operators) with ‘field’ results showing what happens in real life with your actual users, using Real User Monitoring (RUM).