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Contact Business: improving quality of service with objective, factual metrics

Founded in 1993, Contact Business is a family enterprise which conducts a prescription and opportunity watch for renovation and construction in the public and private sectors, including identification of participants, project planning, and on-site construction.

The need
To obtain objective, factual measurements of quality of service via a recognized impartial, independent third party. To provide a timely response to customers who are having trouble connecting to the service.

The scope
A web interface hosted in the Azure cloud for use by an audience of about 3500 people, 95% of which are based in France. Essentially B2B usage.

The benefits
Improved proactiveness in processing user complaints. Better assistance for customers and greater user satisfaction.

Contact Business, active information for construction

The company provides an online tool for communicating targeted, qualified information about building/renovation projects in France. The quality of service delivered by this tool is crucial for the development of Contact Business. For nearly 8 years, the enterprise has been relying on ip-label solutions to help it provide its customers with the very best quality of service.

Objective, factual metrics from a trusted third-party

Contact Business hosts its web interface on Microsoft Azure. Its audience consists of around 3500 people, 95% of which are based in France. It is Contact Business’s aim to ensure irreproachable quality of service and speedily detect any connection issues.

“Our customers can be assured that our infrastructure is reliable, particularly with respect to the configuration and security of the databases,” explains Laurent Bourumeau, Associate Director at Contact Business. “We rely on a trustworthy third party to supply objective metrics about the quality of service we deliver to end users.”

Should any problem occur when logging on, users naturally complain about the service and even blame the provider. By acquiring a monitoring solution, Contact Business was able to understand where performance problems arose; sometimes they were closely related to the client configuration. ip-label’s “trusted third-party” approach guarantees Contact Business the impartiality and objectivity of the performance data measured by the monitoring solution.

An all-encompassing view of user experience

The Ekara RUM solution provides full visibility into what’s happening on the application from the user’s point of view. With this solution, Contact Business is able to demonstrate, in certain cases, that its service is functioning well, and that it is the configuration on the user’s side which needs tuning.

“Our servers are hosted in Ireland and Denmark. When users complain about response times, latency, or unavailability, it is important to know about the user’s context,” says Laurent Bourumeau. “ip-label gives us the right indicators and complete visibility into the browsers, devices, and type of connections used… This helps with diagnosis, and we can sometimes see that the problem is located on the client side. On the bases of those indicators, we can help our customers to adjust their settings so they can use our service better.”

Ekara RUM

Ekara RUM provides precise metrics about the response times experienced by real users, particularly with respect to the type of device used (PC, tablet, mobile), the browser, the location (city, store, office, etc.), the operating systm (iOS, Android…), and more. “Recently, we noticed performance issues with one of our customers. They complained, and we found that some users were having problems at one of their locations. We guided them through distributing the load on their infrastructure. After that, we recorded a significant improvement in response times,” recounts Laurent Bourumeau.

On-target assistance for a successful customer relationship

As a follow-up to monitoring, the Contact Business team benefits from daily e-mailed reports (PDF and Excel) containing a number of indicators supplied by Ekara RUM.

To make the most of these services, the team designed a dashboard with Power BI based on its CRM customer folios. This dashboard implements two key indicators, the APDEX* and the number of connections/page views over 7 days. The goal is to monitor use of the service, and especially to forestall loss of interest in the application which may result from any underperformance.

“Ekara RUM helps us follow user experience very closely. We can intervene upstream if we notice any loss of interest, before having to deal with user complaints,” says Laurent Bourumeau.

Compelling results help boost customer loyalty

Contact Business thereby demonstrates its expertise and enhances the value of its offer with full-service, in-depth assistance. The Ekara RUM solution strengthens Contact Business’s offer by bringing it objective insights into user experience.


*Apdex: Application Performance Index