Presse release: ip-label unveils its new hybrid solution “Ekara, More than APM”

ip-label is launching its brand new flagship product Ekara, More than APM. Ekara conducts user-side, cross-platform monitoring of any internet and intranet application from fixed robots or actual Android and iPhone smartphones. Ekara aims to improve the availability and performance of all digital services to give users a better quality of experience. Its purpose: to sustain revenue growth, enhance the image of its corporate customers, boost workforce productivity, and improve customer satisfaction.

Major innovations in the application monitoring market

Ekara stands out in the APM (application performance management) market:

Ekara -supervision active et Real user

  • It is the only truly hybrid solution. It ensures the availability and performance of any online application or service: web, mobile, business, thick client, Citrix, voice, and even unified communications services, in both internet and intranet environments.
  • It is an intuitive solution for non-technical users, who can now create their own user journeys without technical training.
  • Its powerful artificial intelligence engine automatically corrects user paths if the application changes. An innovation in a class by itself!
  • Its service options are ultra-adaptable, and its invoicing models are flexible.
  • Digital professionals can improve their SEO and search engine rankings with Ekara’s integrated web metrics and Web Vitals as set forth by Google.


Ekara, a unique solution combining synthetic monitoring and real-user monitoring

Ekara represents a paradigm shift in the application monitoring market. Before now, availability and performance metrics were gathered either by robots running scripted scenarios, often informing technical data alone (synthetic monitoring) or by measuring how the application behaves when real people use it (real-user monitoring or RUM).

Now Ekara does both, in a single solution.

“We built Ekara to offer the power of synthetic monitoring, with technical data as well as all the most recent web metrics and Web Vitals defined by Google to help with SEO, and combine that with comprehensive deep insights from RUM. Instead of buying a separate tool for each type of monitoring and trying to correlate the results, customers now have a converged view in one product,” explains Michel Fleury, Product Marketing Manager.

An interface designed as much for non-technical as for technical audiences

Ekara’s interface and advanced technology are intuitive for technical and non-technical audiences. People in business departments can configure their own user journeys by themselves, using the graphical creation wizard, Ekara Studio, without any technical training or prerequisites. Furthermore, Ekara’s artificial intelligence overcomes OCR and image recognition snags that plague automated transactions in less sophisticated products.

Operations consoles display data in real time, offering drill-down to detailed diagnostic features. Moreover, Ekara’s unified executive dashboard makes performance metrics readable and meaningful in terms of business impact.

Ekara adapts fully to its customers, who can choose their own scalable, reversible mix of options. Ekara is available in SaaS or on-premise license formats, with ‘à la carte’ service levels, and prepaid or pay-per-use billing within an unambiguous fee structure. This is a breakthrough in a market where pricing typically is hard to understand, compare or change.

Ekara is packaged as a managed service for customers who do not want to channel resources into monitoring, but customers can also operate Ekara entirely independently with self-service, for IT service companies, integrators, facilities managers and IT operators who want to add an application monitoring brick to their offers and consolidate their value added in terms of expertise.

“The flexibility brought by its innovations in service packaging and payment models mean Ekara may radically change the shape of the application monitoring market,” says Christophe Depeux, ip-label’s Managing Director. “In its market, Ekara, More than APM has no equal that combines all of these advantages.”