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Ekara training gets bigger and brighter

You are probably already familiar with our introductory training module, Ekara Discovery.

Ekara Discovery, this first 2.5-hour training module, available for free to all of our customers, shows you:

  • how easy it is to use the Ekara interface for synthetic monitoring (robots) as well as for real-user monitoring (RUM)
  • how to read analyses of the measures obtained
  • how to configure reports

Now, a new 1-day training module is available: Ekara Advanced. Going above and beyond the Ekara Discovery prerequisite, its aim is to make you completely self-sufficient in creating user journeys. Our “no-code” development studio lets everyone, even non-technical people (marketing managers, business managers, etc.), feel at ease with building user journeys.

After going over the theory in the Discovery module, the Advanced training module takes one day to help you put into practice what you saw earlier on. Before the day is over, you will have built a web user journey and a thick-client user journey.

On the basis of your scenario, you will be able to view measures in the interface and get started with analysis by the end of the day.
We look forward to welcoming you to this new hands-on module.


To find out more and register, simply get in touch with your account manager.