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Ekara Web : Chrome 95 inside !

True to our mission of offering the most realistic measurement of the Internet user experience possible, we are pleased to announce that Ekara Web is now based on the most recent version of Google Chrome.

Google Chrome, the de facto standard

Google Chrome continues to dominate the market for web browsers in Windows environment. The market share of Google’s browser for general public use has remained unchanged at around 70% for 18 months, far ahead of its competitors. It is for this reason that Ekara offers Web control from Google Chrome as standard and by default.

Chrome 95: What benefits ?

Compared to the Chrome 90 version deployed so far, version 95 brings its share of bug fixes and new features.

In particular, recent versions of Chrome regularly add features around PWA (‘Progressive Web Apps’) topics.

Note that version 95 begins a long-term evolution on the User-Agent which must ultimately be simplified to the strict minimum during Q2 2022.

Ekara Web uses Chrome 95

With the latest Ekara version, web measurements are performed from a Chrome 95 browser for all of our Cloud measurement points around the world.

This guarantees you an exact reproduction of the Internet user experience.