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Google Page Experience Update: it’s happening now!

It’s been about a month since Google started gradually rolling out its Page Experience Update. It’ll be another month or so before this user-oriented change to its page ranking algorithm is complete. Now, at the midpoint of the global update, let’s take a look at what this is all about.

It’s all about user experience of web pages

For over a year there has been a lot of talk about Core Web Vitals. As we explained before, these are standards of measurement of how web pages are experienced by users. Google is spending time refining these measures. Now these signals – FID, CLS, LCP – are being applied by the Google search engine algorithm to rank pages in search results.

In other words, the Page Experience Update is an update of Google’s search algorithm. It is currently being weighted, via inclusion of Core Web Vitals, to make page experience a primary factor in search engine page rankings. Google provides details about its Page Experience Update here.

Last call to optimize your website’s Core Web Vitals!

What do you have to do to get top rankings with the update in effect?

If you have already been working on optimizing your site’s Core Web Vitals, you should not see much of a difference now that the update is being rolled out. You can double-check your pages’ performance readiness with the variety of tools offered in ip-label Tools. Now there is also a Page Experience Report from Google (mobile only).

If you have not been able to make headway into optimizing page experience on your website before now, never fear! You can learn in our white paper how to deliver a smooth, fast experience of your web pages, and view additional actionable information from the recording of our webinar dedicated to this subject. Furthermore, “Google Search Console provides a dedicated report to help site owners quickly identify opportunities for improvement”.


As always, you are cordially invited to contact our friendly Ekara by ip-label team for information and help!