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Introducing Ekara Real User Monitoring

After many months of intensive work backstage, we are proud to announce the launch of Ekara, our brand new application monitoring product line.

Why Ekara?

ip-label is putting on the finishing touches and getting ready for the kickoff of Ekara, our one-of-a-kind solution built on combined expertise spanning 20 years. Ekara was born from our wish to offer a monitoring solution that is in a class by itself.
Ekara is unique from a range of perspectives:

  • It’s a hybrid offer which combines active monitoring and measurement of real user traffic (RUM), as well as internet and intranet monitoring.
  • It’s the only solution on the market to measure all application types: web and business applications, of course, but not only those. Ekara also measures apps on mobile devices as well as voice applications and unified communications applications.
  • Ekara is straightforward and easy to use. It was designed for non-specialists in business departments as much as for technical performance specialists, thanks to its genuinely intuitive scripting without coding.
  • With Ekara, you benefit from pay-per-use invoicing so that you are free to collect measurements for a day, a month, or permanently.
  • Ekara brings you the latest innovations, especially the power of artificial intelligence, to make monitoring simpler, more reliable, and easier to understand.
  • What’s more, Ekara lets you choose between using the solution entirely on your own or, inversely, relying on our experts for guidance.

Ekara RUM

Prior to the release of Ekara Active monitoring this coming autumn, we have the pleasure of unveiling Ekara RUM to you now.
Ekara’s real-user monitoring (RUM) offer takes our experience with Datametrie much further in terms of simplicity and self-sufficient use. Ekara RUM is scheduled for release at the end of June. It is replacing the Datametrie RUM offer, and therefore will be proposed gradually to our current RUM customers.

A fully redesigned user interface (GUI)

Ekara RUM offers an all-new, streamlined, intuitive interface with enhanced ergonomics for a truly user-friendly experience.

An entirely self-service solution

Ekara RUM lets you be in charge: you can add page groups, create purpose-specific measurement resources, adjust the rate of collection, and a whole lot more.

Simple or expert reporting to match your needs

With Ekara RUM, user-behavior analysis has never been easier. Ekara RUM makes it simple for people in business departments to get answers. Thanks to the unique dashboard system, the information they need is just a click away. All they have to do is ask!
Specialists, for their part, will appreciate the access to Dataviz that is built into Ekara RUM. Among its benefits are unlimited customization and capabilities for unleashing the power of performance data.

Pay for what you use

Moreover, Ekara RUM introduces payment on a ‘per use’ basis. You are free to create as many trackers as you need. You can set the granularity of measurement collection in real time. Ekara adjusts to your needs. You simply pay each month according to your use.

Want to know more about Ekara RUM?

Would you like to learn more? Go on the Ekara website!

Then watch the replay of our webinar introducing Ekara RUM.