Press release: ip-label and BeCommerce, a partnership at the service of Belgian e-commerce web performance

Paris/Brussels, May 6th, 2021 – ip-label and BeCommerce team up to offer a benchmark of the performance and availability of the leading Belgian e-commerce websites.

ip-label, a European pioneer in application performance management (APM), is partnering with BeCommerce, a Belgian organization which certifies the compliance of online stores with Belgian and European legislation. Through this partnership, ip-label consolidates its presence in Belgium’s application performance market.

A partnership to measure the quality of experience on Belgian e-commerce sites

Bringing together some 150 members, BeCommerce seeks to add value for its community by providing it with accurate user experience metrics. This represents a real benefit for e-retailers aiming to achieve high retention rates. It is also an opportunity for BeCommerce to share with its members all the latest trends in performance measurement, in particular the most recent web performance metrics from Google: those Core Web Vitals which are essential for search engine rankings.

ip-label, a specialist in measuring the quality of experience delivered to users of all digital services, is at the service of Belgian e-retailers to help them enhance user experience of their online stores. The goal is to improve the availability, response times, and performance of their critical applications by supplying precise metrics about user experience.

e-commerce companies will be able to observe their own performance from the end-user’s standpoint and make improvements to give their online stores a competitive edge.

A monthly performance observatory: the “BeCommerce benchmark powered by ip-label”

ip-label is setting up a monthly benchmark which will be made available to members of the BeCommerce community. The benchmark sheds light on the performance and availability of the websites of 25 BeCommerce members from the perspective of online visitors.

To produce its ranking of websites, ip-label continuously simulates visitors using services on the selected websites. During these visits, ip-label measures the availability and performance of access to the home page and then calculates a score.

ip-label technology tests the selected e-commerce sites every 15 minutes (24/7) from three measurement points in Belgium by running similar scenarios on each website.

What is measured:

  • Availability (%): based on the absolute availability of the website over the period.
  • Home page loading performance: the time it takes to fully load the website’s home page.
  • Google Core Web Vitals: LCP, FID, CLS.

An award for the best Belgian e-commerce websites

ip-label will grant a “Best End-User Performance” award each year to the website on which the best end-user performance was measured. The award will be given at the annual “BeCommerce Awards” ceremony, which is scheduled this year to be held on Wednesday, October 13th at 6 pm in Brussels.

This is a win-win collaboration which will give rise to a number of activities including networking events and joint webinars, and additionally facilitate access to research and data as well as actions related to regulations and lobbying.

About BeCommerce

BeCommerce is the Belgian non-profit association that unites companies active in digital commerce in the Belgian market. BeCommerce contributes to consumer confidence in e-commerce by providing a formal trustmark for online stores. Thanks to its certification, security scans, consumer ratings and reviews of e-commerce websites, BeCommerce contributes to the growth of the sector.

BeCommerce also puts these objectives into practice through awareness raising, information-, knowledge- and research projects as well as the development of its own trustmark code of conduct. BeCommerce furthermore contributes to the creation of a favorable economic and political environment for the sector. In particular, BeCommerce strives for the removal of all legal restrictions that hinder the competitiveness of digital commerce, including selling at a distance, and its further development in Belgium.

Its members and partners are mainly web stores and companies active in e-commerce and selling at a distance and companies providing services in the field of logistics, payment, and IT.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/becommerce/

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About ip-label

Since 2001, ip-label has been helping enterprises manage and optimize the performance of their critical applications, using synthetic monitoring (robots) and real-user monitoring (RUM) software solutions. ip-label’s user-centric offer empowers organizations to improve the availability and response times of their applications, motors of business success, with a view to increasing their audience, their revenues, and their productivity.

ip-label provides a hybrid solution that is unique to the APM market: Ekara, More than APM. Ekara combines synthetic monitoring with real-user monitoring of real application traffic. The solution monitors all applications, on intranets or the internet, from fixed robots or real devices, including Android and iPhone smartphones. The resulting availability and performance metrics enable Ekara customers to improve user experience of their critical applications, thereby increasing satisfaction, revenues, and productivity.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/ip-label

Twitter: https://twitter.com/iplabel

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