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ip-label signs a technology partnership with ESIA in Belgium

ip-label strengthens its presence in the Benelux by signing a technology partnership with ESIA, a Belgian software vendor and network monitoring specialist.

Synergy between solutions for complete IT performance monitoring

This technology partnership provides combined insights into quality of service (QoS) and user-perceived quality of experience (QoE).
ESIA takes on the challenges of technical monitoring with its product line centered on monitoring for cloud, infrastructure, handware and software installations, and every type of network.

The Ekara solution from ip-label contributes the user-side vision by monitoring all information system applications (intranet, internet, web, cloud, mobile, voice, thick client, thin client, etc.). Ekara robots run actual user journeys on applications, operating on desktop and mobile devices.

“The aim of this partnership is to provide businesses with true hypervision of IT performance by unifying technical data and application metrics in a single interface,” explains Antoine Moulin, Benelux Area Manager at ip-label. “We provide a weather report of application services by integrating infrastructure and network measures with user experience metrics.”

“Collaboration between ip-label and ESIA seemed obvious to me, since we are both specialists in our respective fields and are pursuing the same goal: to ensure IT performance by centralizing the view of our partners’ infrastructure vital signs, Daniel Etienne, CEO ESIA s.a.

Toward real improvement of IT performance

Displaying technical and application metrics in a single, converged interface is a real timesaver in root cause detection and incident resolution.
Deteriorations are reported quickly and simply with alert notifications, for instance, and dashboards ensure tracking of overall IT performance over time.
The offer proposed by ESIA and ip-label addresses a range of audiences (users, business departments, corporate management) and relies on factual metrics for building realistic SLAs (availability rates).


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