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New partnership: Ekara to be distributed by Simac BMS / WAVETEL

ip-label has signed a new partnership agreement with Simac BMS / WAVETEL. The specialist of telecommunications and IT network testing and measurement now becomes an official distributor of our Ekara solution.

Simac BMS / WAVETEL, expertise in infrastructure and application performance

Created in 2002, Simac BMS / WAVETEL has 50 consultants working in France and Belgium. It offers a range of innovative solutions, products, and services dedicated to monitoring, optimizing, and securing infrastructures. Simac BMS / WAVETEL, with its auditing services, analyzes and solves problems related to transmission, performance, and other issues on Wi-Fi, copper, or optical fiber networks and infrastructures. It is active in the integration and management of measurement systems with its expertise in IT performance and security, its aim being to improve and optimize visibility into critical traffic on IT infrastructures, applications, and networks in this era of hybridization, SaaS, and the cloud.

Get acquainted with Simac BMS / WAVETEL: https://www.simac.com/en/wavetel


Experts at your service

Simac BMS / WAVETEL teams have completed training on the Ekara solution; they are therefore well qualified to assist you with your monitoring projects for your web, business, and mobile applications. Simac BMS / WAVETEL specialists can tell you all about the quality of service that your services deliver to you users, in particular with dashboards and key performance indicators (KPIs).