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Orange Belgium: Measuring and improving the quality of service provided to users

Orange Belgium (formerly Mobistar) is one of the leading telecommunications companies in Belgium. For over a decade, ip-label and Orange Belgium have been working together as partners to improve the digital services that the operator delivers to its workforce as well as to the consumers and businesses which are its customers.

The need

To guarantee and measure the quality of service delivered to users.

The scope

To measure the performance of services from an end-user perspective (end-to-end view).

The benefits

• correlation and insights into user complaints with respect to objective response time trends
• monitoring of all application layers (Citrix, VDI, mobile applications, websites, etc.)
• identification of problem areas in order to take action to fix them

Orange Belgium, a frontrunner in the telecoms market

Orange Belgium (formerly called Mobistar) is a primary actor in the telecommunication market in Belgium. The company offer mobile and fixed telephony services (television and internet) for residential customers and enterprises. A true leader in the high-speed broadband and television market, Orange Belgium was recognized as the best 4G network in Belgium in 2018.

In a few key figures, Orange Belgium accounts for: (source Orange Belgium)



A technically complex configuration

Orange Belgium and ip-label began working together back in the 2000s on performance and availability testing using internal probes operated by Mobistar teams. In 2013, the IT teams migrated their platform to a new, entirely SaaS model, with the aim of ensuring the best performance possible on the applications used by all of Orange Belgium’s audiences: end users (consumers), internal users, and partners.

The technical configuration at Orange Belgium is complex. It consists of a number of entities and suppliers, cloud providers, and other providers spread out over different geographical areas. “With a multi-channel operating model, we wanted to strengthen our ability to manage services from end to end,” says Alain Somville, Service Manager. To achieve this goal, Orange Belgium turned to ip-label’s Datametrie solution for an end-to-end perspective of its application environment.


Alain Somville, Service Manager – Orange Belgium

A monitoring tool for measuring service end-to-end

“With Datametrie we can correlate user complaints with changes in application response times to achieve an objective understanding of the situation. It’s essential to have tangible metrics alongside user perceptions.” Alain Somville, Service Manager

Datametrie conducts real-time measurements around the clock, 7 days a week, to monitor the performance and availability of Orange Belgium’s web and mobile applications.

For consumer applications, the teams at Orange Belgium can identify bottlenecks and objectivize user complaints when a service is slow or down. The information returned is then analyzed to define and implement fixes and/or optimizations.

A supervision console with unified reporting

Setting up ip-label’s Dataviz reporting solution enabled the IT teams to design tailored-to-fit dashboards. They configured the reports to be sent on a monthly basis to all of the Service Delivery Managers (SDM), who then transmitted them to the relevant people.

All of the data measured during monitoring are accessible in a dedicated platform, and can be e-mailed at a frequency of the customer’s choice. The selection of data in the report and how it is formatted can be configured directly in the Datametrie interface. The information returned by the tool helped IT teams to define precise KPIs based on objective metrics, which can also be correlated with external data.

“In such a complex technical environment, the fact that a specific component is running smoothly is no guarantee of a service’s end-to-end performance. To ensure optimal quality of experience, we have to measure performance from the end-user viewpoint, not just the stability of the components which support that particular service,” explains Bruno La Haye, Head of Technical Service Management.



Beneficial outcomes

End-to-end visibility into how well services are running helps IT staff as well as business teams to take convergent actions, thereby contributing to continuous improvement of customer experience. Each team is thus involved in delivering ever more efficient end-user services which comply with the agreed performance and availability targets (service level agreement). The console provides a constant, faithful picture of Orange Belgium’s services and any changes and alerts affecting them.


For the corporate market, Orange Belgium provides mobile and fixed business telephony as well as broadband internet. Positioned as an integrated communications operator, it offers an extensive portfolio of connectivity and mobility services, including solutions for big data and the Internet of Things (IoT). Orange is also a wholesale operator and provides its partners with access to its infrastructure and service capabilities.