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Our Consulting team can lend a helping hand during these challenging times…

In addition to free monitoring for business continuity, ip-label is offering an exceptional discount of 15% on our consulting services for missions that are carried out remotely by mid-June.
A number of services are eligible for this offer: Newtest migration operations, guidance on scripting, training, and others.

During the lockdown, many websites saw significantly higher audience traffic. This meant, in the case of e-commerce sites, that online purchases partly compensated for those which could not be made in person.

Meanwhile, just when lockdown measures were announced in France, ip-label perfectly measured the deterioration in the performance of the grocery pickup websites of the major supermarket chains. At times, some sites were inaccessible and unable to respond, which limited the volume of sales and degraded the stores’ brand name image.

Performance Datametrie

To avoid such misadventures, we offer to conduct a load test which will show you the current sizing of your site and enable you to prepare for surges in the number of visitors.
This service, which can be conducted at night (to avoid disrupting the site in production), is a turnkey service fully managed by an ip-label specialist. Load testing can also be performed in the context of architecture adjustments or application updates, to measure the difference in performance before and after changes.

We can handle all types of web applications, thick clients, mobile applications, and more. We encourage you to talk to us about your situation in these matters, so that we can lend a helping hand.

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