Press release: ip-label.com becomes ekara.ip-label.com

ip-label, a leading European specialist of application performance management (APM), has served businesses with its synthetic monitoring (robots) and real-user monitoring (RUM) software over the past two decades. Alongside its SaaS and on-premise solutions, the ip-label group provides a full spectrum of APM consulting services, load testing and specialized assistance.

Ekara, More than APM: taking care of customers and their needs

Now ip-label has released Ekara, a single, hybrid solution which seamlessly combines RUM (based on real-life experience of the applications) and robot monitoring. It can monitor any internet and intranet application from fixed robots or real devices, including Android and iPhone smartphones. The resulting availability and performance metrics empower Ekara customers to improve the experience of users of their digital applications, thereby boosting satisfaction, revenues and productivity.

Ekara makes life easier for professionals of different backgrounds by saving them time and effort in collecting and analyzing end-user experience metrics:

  • Operations displays and interactive charts have drill-down diagnostic functionalities to help technical teams to look inside and troubleshoot incidents.
  • A user-friendly studio empowers digital teams to maintain their own user journeys without mobilizing IT staff for every change.
  • Technical data, page experience metrics, and business intelligence converge in dashboards and full-featured customized reports that speak to technical teams and business teams alike.

Ekara adapts to customers’ needs in real-world situations, with flexible SaaS or on-premise deployment, assistance options, and unambiguous payment plans (subscriptions or pay per use, Capex or Opex mode).


The website dedicated to Ekara and its users

To ring in the new year, ip-label is unveiling its new website, www.ekara.ip-label.com, so people can look inside what makes Ekara unique. It provides existing customers with a new extranet hub, along with a wealth of resources and information available to all visitors.

The website’s four main rubrics are dedicated to customer needs, the Ekara solution with respect to its target audiences (technical, digital, non-technical, technology partners), the ip-label group’s history and values, and resources for visitors interested in end-user application monitoring.

Ekara and ekara.ip-label.com were designed as responses to the needs expressed by customers over the years. Since ip-label customers are professionals of different profiles and backgrounds, both the solution and the website strive to address the needs of users in IT, digital, or business fields. What ip-label customers have in common is their quest to improve end-user experience in order to ensure satisfaction and productivity.