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Rcarré, ip-label’s new Luxembourgish partner

ip-label and Rcarré have signed a new partnership! The aim of this agreement is to bring Ekara to small and medium-sized Belgian and Luxembourgish businesses in all sectors to help them improve the experience they deliver to their users.

Rcarré provides reliable IT services to SMEs

With locations in Luxembourg, Belgium, and France, Rcarré ensures the continuity of its customers’ IT operations by maintaining their infrastructure and guaranteeing security. It also oversees their conformity with applicable national and European regulations.


For further information about Rcarré (in French): https://www.rcarre.com/

Local expertise for optimizing digital experience with Ekara

Through this new collaboration, ip-label strengthens its presence in the Benelux. Belgian and Luxembourgish companies can now count on the expertise of Rcarré specialists who have been trained on DEM (digital experience monitoring) solutions from ip-label. The partnership with Rcarré brings these businesses a local point of contact and personalized assistance.