In-depth diagnostics to pinpoint root causes

You know your application is slow or unavailable, but you don’t have insight into the root of the problem. Where is the problem, when does it occur, and what’s causing it?
Web performance metrics
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Web performance metrics

Drill down into performance and availability metrics

To provide you with in-depth insights, Ekara lets you drill down to detailed information in every chart and at every step. You have at your fingertips a wealth of information, from the latest page performance Web Vitals to essential technical metrics including TTI, TTFB, redirection, TLS, and many more.



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Screen captures, videos, waterfall and more

Ekara can help you get at the root causes of errors by supplying a range of information. When errors appear, Ekara automatically captures the screen or makes a video of what was happening in the application when the error occurred. 

You can also download other precious diagnostic information, for instance a copy of the HTTP header and source code in question. For browser-based digital tools, a waterfall is provided so you can see the details of page loading and see where the bottlenecks are.   

Whether your website or application is partially or totally unavailable, Ekara’s diagnostic information helps with root cause analysis of the event, so you know exactly what needs fixing fast.