Load testing

Whenever your application testing cycle calls for load testing – in app performance testing, capacity or scalability testing, volume testing or stress testing, ip-label’s turnkey solution, is designed to home in on your issues.
Turnkey solution
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Applications & Protocols
Turnkey solution

Load testing to identify your infrastructures limits

ip-label’s load testing tools objectively measure end-user experience on your mobile/web apps, websites, cloud and thick-client or thin client applications to pinpoint their weaknesses without taking sides. On the basis of test results, our specialists make recommendations of how to optimize your application or website.

  • Does my application conform to specifications?
  • Does it show regression compared to the earlier version (regression testing)?
  • Is the architecture correctly sized to handle the expected load?
  • How does virtualization affect my application’s quality of service?

Load tests may be performed in the context of capacity testing, where load levels are increased to identify the scalable points of your app or service. Your application’s ability to handle traffic spikes can also be tested by generating load to stress it to the break point.

With this information, you can anticipate unavailability or bottlenecks that may occur during peak traffic, and scale accordingly by targeting areas for improvement and investment.

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User vision

Load tests & end-user experience

Load tests can be carried out from the intranet or the internet. ip-label provides a dedicated load-testing platform with bandwidth speed of over 1GBits/s.

Unlike other load test solutions on the market, ip-label performs stress testing from end to end, stressing the application from the user side by simulating concurrent visitors/connections and measuring end-user response times.

Applications & Protocols

Test the load for all applications web, mobile, cloud, business

Load testing can be carried out on any the following types of applications, protocols, and environments:

  • Web applications
  • WebDAV, Oracle ADF, web services (XML/SOAP)
  • ERP/CRM business applications: SAP, Clarify 8-10, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Remedy, Siebel
  • Protocols: FTP, mail (SMTP/POP IMAP4), LDAP, RADIUS, TCP/IP
  • Virtual desktop: Citrix, Citrix XenDesktop viewer, VMware Horizon viewer
  • Thick clients based on Java AWT/Swing/SWT, SAP GUI, Rumba, Win32, WinForms, WPF
  • Legacy/Mainframe: IBM mainframe (TN3270E), IBM middleware (TN5250), VT100/200+
  • Database (ODBC, ADO, OCI, IBM CLI)
  • Native mobile apps, mobile sites, WebView

Load test reports for business, audience, and analysis

Load testing results provide metrics so you can see whether your goals have been achieved and on which configurations. Your objectives can be measured, for instance, by number of orders placed on a mobile app or number of unique visitors per hour on a website.

Load tests also let you to visualize how sensitive your platform is to all user behaviors (scenarios). This makes it possible to pinpoint bottlenecks and other trouble spots likely affect your real users. Identifying specific weaknesses allows IT management to prioritize and target investments, to make the most of optimization budgets.