Monitoring application availability and performance

Businesses monitor the availability and performance of their applications to ensure workforce productivity and customer satisfactionYou need to be able to check that those digital services are working well for users   
Application and service performance
End user experience
Continuous integration
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Application and service performance

Guarantee customer satisfaction and productivity

Your aim is to deliver fast, smooth-running applications and digital services to your workforce and your customersYou need insights into how applications and services are performing for the people who use them 

Hybrid end-user monitoring is designed to give you the information you need to ensure the best possible experience – in other words, the best possible productivity and satisfaction 

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End user experience

Facilitating change and user-side quality

Network and systems monitors generally see only into technical aspects of the application delivery chain, not user experience.

“Our existing tools did not provide a proper way of measuring the user’s real logon time like ip-label’s end-user monitoring does,” explains a consultant at a voice and data communications service company.

This is where Ekara end-user monitoring comes in. Operations teams, for instance, struggle to ensure that rolling out the latest upgrade or new configurations are not detrimental to quality of experience.

Pre-production testing of upgrades, changes to infrastructure, virtualization, a move to the cloud is simply good practice in change management. Monitoring in production keeps you informed of how things are going for end users, night and day.


Continuous integration

Automated regression tests in continuous integration

And guess what? Application performance monitoring is not just for testing in production. It also comes into play in the crucial stage of integration, for regression tests in a continuous integration environment. Synthetic monitoring robots can run scripts for automated regression testing in CI as well as in production. Concretely this means you get two uses from one script.