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Eric Varszegi

Businesses spring forward with their digital transition

Several studies (by Gartner, Twilo, and others) have found that half of the businesses surveyed saw their digital transition plans spring forward by one to three years in 2020.

At ip-label, we are convinced that the change in consumer habits is a long-term trend which will last far beyond the pandemic.

  • These days, before going out to shop, customers check the website, look at what they’re interested in, and draw up a shortlist. Then when they visit the store, it’s to seek advice from experienced staff and get the look and feel of the product to be sure they’re making the right choice. For example, Inditex, the parent company of Zara, saw losses during the first lockdown. Reacting to this, the group invested 2.7 billion euros to reinvent its digital offer. Other brands took to using digital tools to fluidify the relationship with in-store sales staff and offer personalized customer service.
  • The general trend of working from home likewise resulted in a change in work habits. These changes in patterns of consumption and work are leading to an obligation to re-think internal and external user experience. Digital has become the entry point of customer experience. It has also enabled businesses to continue to operate, albeit remotely. When people work in an office on company premises, they can go to see people in other departments. With telework, this is no longer true. We now need simple tools to maintain internal collaboration and abolish silos which may arise within each team and which ordinary human contact used to compensate. Nowadays, speed is key.

Now more than ever, user experience of internet and intranet digital applications has strategic importance in ensuring the efficiency and productivity of every enterprise. It must be measured in order to be improved, and not only by IT teams. Other professionals now have tools that are totally usable by non-engineers to reproduce user journeys simply. This way a marketing manager can check, without waiting, whether the new version he wants to roll out is friendly to end users. A sales director can validate by herself whether the CRM that her sales force uses is optimally comfortable and easy for them to use. Ekara from ip-label brings this simplicity to everyone. Why not try Ekara for yourself?


With best wishes for a happy, safe summer,
Eric Varszegi, President of ip-label