Webinar Ekara, your one APM solution for Web and Windows Apps (28/01/2021)

Following the release of our complete, full-featured Ekara offer last October, we focus for this Webinar on Ekara Web and Windows monitoring capabilities.

Ekara’s monitoring potential

Ekara? What’s that?

It’s the first ever hybrid offer on the market, combining synthetic monitoring and real-user measurement (RUM).

Watch the replay for an overview of Ekara’s monitoring potential and how it will help you keep all applications performance under control:

  • A powerful Web monitoring engine that can handle websites using non standard techniques like tabs browsing or lazy loading
  • A unique Windows monitoring engine that can run state of the art OCR, recognise windows or emulate keyboard inputs !
  • An integrated solution that can mix public (Internet) and private (Intranet) measurements.

Want to see Ekara’s power in action ?

Watch the replay!