Webinar End of year Newtest new features (17/12/2020)

We kept you informed of the latest Newtest developments in the spring when we announced the new RIAlity OCR, Openviz, and more. Now we’re bringing you a whole fresh batch of brand new features for Robot 8.3.

The latest Newtest developments

  • The new NRDF diagnostic mode (Newtest Runtime Diag File)
    The Newtest Runtime Diag File (NRDF) is a new generation of centralized generic diagnostics. It surpasses NVF diagnostics (Newtest Viewer File), which were already available since robot version 8.0, by combining video, original-format screenshots, application logs, system counters, and network flows for an analysis that has never dived deeper for the client side of your applications. We show you how to activate this new feature, its main options and how it works, with an example of a capture.
  • RIAlity running on Newtest
    With a view to offering Newtest customers all the benefits of the experience, simplicity, and power of Datametrie’s web scripting tool, we have integrated the RIAlity plug-in into the robot version 8.3. This extension embeds a scripting environment along with its execution engine. You will discover in this webinar how to use the new advanced web scripting environment with a Newtest script.

Watch our replay to find out more!