Webinar Google Web Vitals (27/10/2020)

Website speed has long been a major stake for website owners. Since May, thanks to Google, it is now more important than ever: at some time in 2021, the search giant will be adding 3 new performance metrics as inputs into its ranking algorithm. This will no doubt generate a lot of changes in today's SEO results.

What are the Core Web Vitals?

Curious to understand what this means to you? Eager to benefit from this major change?

Watch our replay to:

  • discover the 3 new performance measurements and how they relate to Google strategy.
  • understand what FID, CLS and LCP are exactly.
  • find out which best practices will help you outperform the competition.
  • identify the best available tools to diagnose, troubleshoot and monitor this SEO revolution.
  • see how ip-label consultants can help you get ready before it’s too late.

To watch the replay, click here!