Webinar Here comes our new all-in-one offer: Ekara (24/09/2020)

Following the release of the RUM component of our new Ekara solution in June, we now proudly unveil our complete, full-featured Ekara offer.

Discover our new hybrid offer: Ekara

Ekara? What’s that?
It’s the first ever hybrid offer on the market, combining synthetic monitoring and real-user measurement (RUM).

Watch the replay for a sneak preview of Ekara’s potential and how it will revolutionize the application performance monitoring market:

  • A hybrid solution: monitoring for any application (web, mobile, thick client or business applications, on the internet AND intranet), bringing together the strengths of synthetic monitoring (robots) and real-user monitoring (RUM).
  • Simple-to-use and intuitive: for non-technical audiences as well as for technical teams
  • A frontrunner in innovation: integrated artificial intelligence maintains and corrects user paths by itself
  • Freedom of choice: take your pick between a fully-managed measurement service or self-service… plus you can change your mind and switch at any time!
  • Flexible invoicing options: prepay or pay-per-use that you can scale to your needs.

To watch the replay, click here!