Our ‘à la carte’ services

With Ekara, you have the freedom to package your services to best match your needs.
Managed service
Self service
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Managed service

Assistance from our specialists

Let our Customer Success Teams take care of you! Our teams are organized by business sector and they understand your specific sector-related requirements.

Within each team, a dedicated specialist is assigned to you, to help you improve the experience delivered to the users of your digital services. Concretely, the specialist helps:

  • by letting you know when a user journey has 0% availability (for instance, after a password change or an upgrade). The monitor is then restarted autonomously or in line with your instructions.
  • with proactive analysis of the situation when the availability or response times of a user journey are degraded. You then receive a report that the specialist can explain and comment for you.


Self service

Total independence

Would you rather operate and administer Ekara completely independently? Do you have the staff and expertise in house? With Ekara, you can do it!

Our Customer Success Teams are on hand if you need to call on them using support ticket bookets. Furthermore, our consultants are always ready to help with training, upgrade services, and more.

Ekara gives you total flexibility by offering a use model with service for all or only part of your needs, or without service. You are free to mix or switch at any time!



The benefits

Freedom to decide

Ekara gives you freedom that you won’t find elsewhere. You are free to choose your use model – with or without service – scalable across all or only part of your needs. Plus you are free to switch to the other service model at any time.