Over the years, ip-label has established an extensive network of certified business partners throughout the World. From general integrators, hosting providers, IT outsourcing companies, to specialized VARs, they have all found our APM solutions to be an indispensable complement to their respective offers. Our solutions allow for measuring, monitoring and improving end-user quality of all digital applications.  
Why partner with us?
Consulting team
Major Benefits
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Why partner with us?

Why partner with us?

Offer your customers best-of-breed technology and innovative end-user monitoring tools. Ensure growing revenues with scalable solutions. Enjoy attractive incentives. These are only some of the many reasons why you should partner with us. Finally, our ‘Partnership Quality Charter’ ensures that ip-label is committed to long-term strategic partnership. We favor trust and fair play.


Opportunities for integrating ip-label for your customers

3 main opportunities:

  • Change management

– Measurement of the impact of a migration to the cloud
– Automation of regression testing
– Application load testing
– Verification of the sizing of infrastructures and the quality delivered to users
– etc.

  • Production support and monitoring

– Monitoring of the operation of all of the information systems’ applications (web, mobile, thick client, thin client, etc.)
– Monitoring of application interdependencies (e.g. authentication, etc.)
– Monitoring of the operation of new microservices applications
– Sharing of a real-time view of the operation of critical user journeys
– Strengthening SLAs with XLA commitments

  • ITSM automation/ integration

– Automation of the morning check
– Automatic deployment of preproduction tests in a CI/CD chain
– Automatic generation of tickets in the ITSM tool
– Automated testing of workflows
– etc.


How to boost your income by integrating ip-label’s offer

Types of business opportunities in the phases of a digital experience management project.


  • Digital transformation & UX
  • Auditing & Consulting (Advisory, Benchmark)


  • Platform installation
  • IT architecture and integration
  • Creation of user journeys
  • Predefined and custom reports

Management leadership

  • Training
  • Support
  • Coaching

Managed Services

  • Center of excellence
  • Operational upkeep
  • 24/7 managed services


  • Extension to other domains
  • Internet
  • Intranet
  • Mobile
  • API

To generate at least 4x the income from services for every euro spent on licenses

Consulting team

ip-label’s consulting team at your service

ip-label’s consulting team trains partners on the services that are aligned with the products.

See our portfolio of consulting services

Partnership programs

We have defined 3 partnership programs:

  • The Standard program, limited to IT resellers
  • The Preferred program, limited to IT solutions & service providers and integrators which propose only Ekara for sale in the DEM segment (Digital Experience Management)
  • The XLA program, limited to MSPs which propose only Ekara for sale in the DEM segment (Digital Experience Management) and calling for systematic integration of Ekara measures (check http, web page or scenario measure) into managed services
Want to know more?

What ip-label brings to partners

Technical resources

  • Technical resources provided in accordance with the partner level and level of commitment
  • Architects to validate your proposals

A team to assist you

  • Pre-sales assistance with the first projects
  • Help with drafting bids in response to calls to tender
  • Support for your POCs


  • Training for sales teams (free)
  • Discovery training to get started (free)
  • A 3-hour session on scripting (free)

Marketing resources

  • Help with creating direct marketing operations: emailings, webinars, etc.

A team of specialists at your service

  • A team of specialists at your service for assistance based on a book of credits or flat-rate interventions.


Major Benefits

Major Benefits

Expand your market reach by joining a thriving ecosystem of customers and partners to ensure you have the answer to all Digital Experience Management needs.

  • Differentiate your added-value: we provide comprehensive visibility into the end user’s experience of all digital IT business services. Consequently, you can proactively manage your services by business impact: make the necessary fix or change before service degradation or outages actually occur.
  • Broaden your offering: our solutions are open and designed to integrate with ANY existing system monitoring products.
  • Enjoy real flexibility: meet your customer’s requirements by offering either a license solution or an SaaS solution.
  • Ensure growing revenues: thanks to the scalability and effectiveness of our solutions, your customers’ needs will naturally grow year after year.
  • Partnership Quality Charter: forming part of Channel Reseller Agreement, this demonstrates our complete commitment to a long-term relationship and covers all aspects of our partnership.
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