Improve service quality for web users

Customers ranging from e-retailers to national railways come to us with diverse web application issues, but the final need is always the same: to ensure the quality of experience that they deliver to users.  
User satisfaction
Our hybrid monitoring
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User satisfaction

User satisfaction on all browser-delivered digital services

We can supply to-the-point metrics of how well your website or app is serving your usersIn phase with the latest browser technologies and standards, we use navigation timings and provide metrics including Speed Index, TTI, Google Web Vitals, and many more to locate and scrutinize problem areas. 

Our aim is to help you provide the best experience to users of your:  

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Our hybrid monitoring

Users expect a flawless web experience. You can deliver!

ip-label can test your web applications and websites, along with APIs and third-party content, so you can tell how well they are serving your users. Our Ekara hybrid monitoring gives you the proactive advantage of knowing what’s going on 24/7 plus seeing how your website behaves for each individual user in their real-life web context: internet, intranet, extranet.

We can help you pinpoint bottlenecks in production or breakpoints upstream. Our load testing services show you where a crash may occur before it happens to your users or customers.

Whatever the web application, the structure of your enterprise, or your deployment constraints, ip-label can work with you to improve user satisfaction. Our specialists can even provide benchmarks showing how you rate compared to your competitors.